3 Inspiring Office Tour Videos to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts

Judith Charbit
12 May 2024
4 min read

The competition for talent in today's global workforce is intense, prompting companies to seek innovative ways to attract the best candidates and stand out. Traditional job descriptions are no longer sufficient; in 2024, candidates seek an authentic glimpse into the organization, its people, and its values.

One of the most effective recruitment strategies is using videos, particularly short-form videos. These videos offer a dynamic way to showcase company culture, values, and job opportunities, engaging candidates across all channels. This approach allows recruitment managers, employer brand managers, and recruitment marketing managers to fully exploit the potential of videos in attracting talent.

With 91% of Instagram users watching videos daily, and YouTube shorts receiving 30 billion daily views globally (source), the power of video in attracting candidates is evident. Companies are increasingly leveraging this power to attract more candidates and enhance their recruitment efforts.

What's the goal of Recruitment Videos?

We know that video is the number one marketing tool today, but how do you create a successful recruitment video? A successful video highlights your company's culture and professional atmosphere, attracting candidates who align with your vibe and values. The goal is to produce a video that resonates with candidates, expanding your reach and enhancing your reputation as an employer, appealing to prospective talent.

Furthermore, videos can evoke pride in employees and captivate customers, infusing a personalized approach into your recruitment efforts and attracting a wider pool of candidates.

What content should I start with?

According to "Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate,” a survey conducted by LinkedIn, the majority of candidates (51%) are interested in visiting your office to get a sense of your company's culture. While video and phone interviews are convenient, they don't offer the same insight into your workplace. This is especially important for candidates unfamiliar with your company; 59% of them value office visits compared to 46% of those already familiar. Candidates at the VP level (63%) and women (54%) are particularly interested in visiting the office.

Conducting an office tour for each and every candidate can be time-consuming, which Talent Acquisition teams often don't have. The solution is to use platforms like Team Me to add office visit videos to your career page and include them in TA email processes, such as the CV acceptance email, for example.

Here you will find a videos created with Team Me:

Here you can check out one of HiBob team member giving a real feel for the office: the people, the buzz, the different areas. Some people are working, others are just taking a coffee break. It's a true glimpse into the authentic vibe of our office!

Here you can see a video in a different style: upbeat music, shots of aiOla’s office inside and out, and footage of both regular work time and various events like our Happy Hours. It really captures the energetic atmosphere here and gives a glimpse into our company's values, like our dog-friendly environment - as seen with the dog appearing in the video.

Here is the third office tour video by Payoneer: The Talent Acquisition team takes you on a tour, chatting with people along the way. You'll see all the office facilities, like the Jam room, and meet friendly faces waving hello, introduced by name. This video helps candidates get to know the team before their interview, making everything feel more familiar and welcoming!

To summarize, these three office tour recruitment videos demonstrate the effectiveness of using video to attract top talent and showcase company culture. Office tour videos provide candidates with a glimpse into the work environment, helping them feel more familiar and welcomed before their interviews. By incorporating videos into their recruitment processes, with the help of tools like Team Me, companies can create a more engaging and personalized experience for candidates, ultimately helping them stand out in today's competitive job market.

Judith Charbit
12 May 2024
4 min read