The Biggest Mistake Organizations Make on Their Career Pages

Judith Charbit
16 June 2024
5 min read

Many organizations aim to infuse their career pages with personality, atmosphere, and images of happy employees, which is exactly what they should be doing. However, some make the mistake of using stock photos instead of featuring their actual employees. This common error severely undermines the organization's credibility and creates the opposite effect of what they intend.

While stock photography is easily accessible and can be useful in certain situations, relying exclusively on it for your site imagery can be detrimental. It can undermine trust and make your career site appear unprofessional and unoriginal. In today's digital age, candidates can quickly detect inauthentic content.

How Stock Photos Can Hurt Your Career Site

1. Lack of Authenticity: Stock photos lack the personal touch that real images of your employees can provide. Candidates want to see the actual people they will be working with, the real environment they'll be in, and get a true sense of the company's culture. Stock photos, no matter how high quality, can't convey the unique atmosphere of your workplace.

2. Eroding Trust: Candidates are savvy and can quickly recognize stock images. When they see these generic photos, they may wonder what else the company might be hiding. It raises questions about transparency and can create a sense of distrust even before any interactions have begun.

3. Unprofessional Appearance: A career page filled with stock images can appear lazy and unprofessional. It suggests that the organization hasn't invested the time or effort to showcase its own people and environment. This can be particularly damaging for companies that pride themselves on their unique culture and values.

4. Missed Opportunity to Showcase Diversity: Stock photos often fail to accurately represent the diversity within your organization. By using real photos of your employees, you can authentically showcase the diversity and inclusion efforts within your company, which is increasingly important to job seekers.

5. Unoriginal Content: Stock photos are widely used and can make your career site look like countless others. To stand out, your site needs to reflect the unique aspects of your company. Original photos of your team and workplace can make a significant impact and set you apart from competitors.

The Power of Authentic Visuals

1. Building Connection: Authentic images of your employees help potential candidates connect with your company on a personal level. They can see the faces of their potential colleagues, get a glimpse of the office environment, and better envision themselves as part of the team.

2. Enhancing Employer Brand: Your employer brand is a crucial aspect of attracting top talent. By showcasing your real employees and workplace, you reinforce your brand's authenticity and values. This genuine representation can be a powerful tool in differentiating your company from others.

3. Highlighting Company Culture: Photos of actual employees participating in company events, collaborating in meetings, or simply enjoying their workday can vividly illustrate your company culture. This visual storytelling is far more impactful than any written description and can leave a lasting impression on candidates.

4. Demonstrating Transparency: Using real images shows that your company is open and transparent. It signals to candidates that what they see is what they will get, fostering a sense of trust and reliability right from the start.

Tips for Creating Authentic Career Page Content

1. Use video: Videos can convey long stories in just 30 seconds, allowing you to share your company's story, values, and job descriptions quickly and effectively. This provides the best experience for your candidates and ensures a polished and genuine appearance for your career page. This investment will pay off by enhancing your employer brand and engaging potential talent.

2. Encourage Employee Participation: Involve your employees in the process. Feature testimonials, day-in-the-life videos, and team photos. This not only provides authentic content but also engages your employees in promoting the company.

3. Regularly Update Content: Keep your career page fresh by regularly updating photos and videos. Highlight recent events, new projects, and changes in the workplace to show that your company is dynamic and evolving.

4. Use Employee-Generated Content: Encourage employees to share their own photos and experiences on the career page. This user-generated content adds a personal touch and provides a variety of perspectives on life within the company.

In conclusion, while stock photos might seem like an easy solution, they can do more harm than good when it comes to your career page. Authentic visuals of your employees and workplace build trust, showcase your unique culture, and enhance your employer brand. By investing in real images and engaging your team in the process, you can create a compelling and credible career page that attracts top talent and sets your organization apart.

Judith Charbit
16 June 2024
5 min read