10 Video Marketing Statistics to Use When Building a Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Judith Charbit
21 May 2024
4 min read

In a world where video is everywhere - from Instagram Reels to TikTok, Facebook ads, shoppable videos, live streams, and webinars - incorporating video content into recruitment marketing strategies has become essential for any company looking to stand out and attract top talent.

Your candidates are consuming everything through video. Therefore, it is only natural to present content about your company with video as well. The numbers don't lie - video is a must for showcasing services, products, and your company.

Why integrating video in your TA strategy?

The competition for talent in today's global workforce is intense, so companies are looking for new and creative ways to attract top candidates and stand out. Traditional job descriptions just don't cut it anymore. In 2024, candidates want an authentic look into the organization, its people, and its values.

One of the best ways to do this is through videos, especially short-form ones. These videos are a fun and dynamic way to show off company culture, values, and job opportunities, capturing candidates' attention across all channels. This strategy helps recruitment managers, employer brand managers, and recruitment marketing managers make the most of videos to draw in talent.

With 91% of Instagram users watching videos daily and YouTube Shorts getting 30 billion daily views globally, the impact of video in attracting candidates is clear. More and more companies are using this powerful tool to bring in more candidates and boost their recruitment efforts.

10 Video Marketing Statistic

To assist you in planning your recruitment marketing strategy for 2024, we've compiled key video marketing statistics from the past two years:

  1. 86% of businesses utilize videos as a marketing tool.(Source)
  2. Videos on social media get 12 times more shared than text and images combined.(Source)
  3. 52% of marketers say that video is a tool to build trust between the brand and its customers.(Source)
  4. 92% of the videos viewed from mobile devices are shared with others. (Source)
  5. 52% of companies create videos to educate their audience (Source)
  6. 91% of Instagram users report watching videos daily (Source)
  7. More people are watching videos with closed captions. This feature isn't just beneficial for accessibility; an increasing number of viewers are opting to watch videos without sound, making captions a must. (Source)
  8. YouTube shorts see 30 billion daily views globally (source)
  9. Short-form videos should be less than 60 seconds long. According to 83% of marketers, short videos should be less than a minute long. (Source)
  10. 87% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales (Source)

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Judith Charbit
21 May 2024
4 min read